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Data storage, administration and publication are generally the three facets of a traditional Content Management System but key enterprise data assets are no longer confined to predictably structured, transactional databases and data warehouses. Information and knowledge stores of data are buried in spread sheets, in emails, in Access databases and in documents in various formats.

Gavin Routledge of Active X Backs

With 50,000 people a day suffering lower back pain in Edinburgh alone, finding a solution is something close to all osteopaths’ hearts – no more so than Gavin Routledge of Active X Backs. His campaign to create ‘a million better backs’ might seem ambitious, but with the help of Wallscope it’s something he’s confident he can achieve.

Heatmaps comparing two drugs

NHS staff gathered at CodeBase in Edinburgh this week to learn more about how Wallscope’s technology could transform their working practices. As part our ongoing work with the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS National Services Scotland, we demonstrated our product to an audience of senior staff from across the NHS.

Design with data

Wallscope lead research seminar at University of Edinburgh

As part of an ongoing relationship with the University of Edinburgh’s Design Informatics department, Wallscope led a research seminar on their dynamic data discovery platform – the Verinote API. Directors David Eccles and Ian Allaway demonstrated the technology to a packed audience of postgraduate students, researchers and academics. 

Innovation in the public sector

Our role in the Scottish Government’s CivTech pilot scheme

As one of the eight winning companies taking part in the CivTech pilot, Wallscope is now working with the NHS to help make their data publications more accessible and appealing.

Quality decision making is a function of access to relevant information

There are several problems and issues which follow the prevalence and dominance of ICT and digital data creation and consumption.

 An enterprise employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $48,000 per week, or nearly $2.5 million per year, due to an inability to locate and retrieve information.

regulatory costs for compliance

Financial institutions are highly dependent on evidence-based decision making. This has a reliance on a constant application of internal policies; these are based on external regulation(s) and are related to the business outcomes sought around customer acquisition and the envisaged transactions. Policies are used to create and present a rationale; through the collation of information, evidence gathering and an appropriate investigation. This creates an information channel.

Improve your search and discovery

Wallscope seeks to develop relationships with organisations who wish to improve the search and discovery of information across their Enterprise Content Management Systems.

We work with established search technologies such as SOLR and Elastic Search to improve the relationships between different sets of unstructured data – such as web pages, emails, word documents and PDFs. Wallscope can extend the capabilities and value of a variety of Content and Document Management Systems (such as Sharepoint, Drupal and Alfresco) through the application of linked data principles and semantic web techniques.

Our approach allows the development and use of rules and reasoners; the basic procedures for solving a problem – also known as algorithms.

  • Start building a unifying vocabulary of terms and references for your business through the application and management of an ontology.
  • Quickly and efficiently identify distinctive entities such as ‘people’, ‘places’ and ‘organisations’ across multiple sources of data. Find and manage core ‘concepts’.
  • Share these and manage your own vocabulary of definitions.
  • Collaborate across external data sources using industry-specific vocabularies such as the Financial Industries Business Ontology (FIBO), Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) and in the areas of health, care and pharmacology with Snomed CT and RX/norm.
  • Bridge many areas of content discovery and knowledge representation.
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