Dark Data

All organisations have an underlying wealth of information and knowledge. Using this efficiently and effectively is not always easy. Some forms of data are harder than others to access and work with.

Forbes published a paper contributed by Gartner  Infonomics: The Practice of Information Economics

Organizations that treat idle information, or so-called “dark data”, as anything less than having potential economic benefit will find themselves at increased competitive disadvantage.  All information has a probable future economic benefit. IT and business leaders need to keep this in mind when considering business strategies and options for acquiring, administering and applying information. This probability varies based on a number of factors, including but not limited to its completeness, accuracy, consistency, timeliness and business process relevance. And like any asset, information’s value depends upon the organization’s capacity to deploy it.

Mining Dark Data

A wealth of information lies below the surface of traditional enterprises data - but getting at it requires cutting-edge analytics.

SOURCE HP/Syncsort

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