Semantic Web


Open Data

Open data creates value for governments and businesses. It is a way to be more transparent about their activity, build  trust and engagement with customers and citizens, identify efficiencies and find new ways to innovate to enhance products and services. Organisations across the world are exploring the scope for innovating with data. 

Innovation in the public sector

Our role in the Scottish Government’s CivTech pilot scheme

As one of the eight winning companies taking part in the CivTech pilot, Wallscope is now working with the NHS to help make their data publications more accessible and appealing.

innovation through rapid R&D

Creating a distinction between data as a liability and information as an asset can be problematic. The emphasis needs to shift from the problem (and cost) of storage, towards leveraging value from data.

Currently the incentives to explore the value of data are high as efficiencies are sought. Abstraction creates opportunities to discern new relationships within content and describe different relationships between objects.

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