Products and Services

Wallscope’s Dynamic Data Discovery platform uses an Enterprise Knowledge Graph to expose and contextually link an organisation's information. The flexible structure of a graph makes it easier to work across and connect data held in multiple systems and locations.

By rapidly surfacing and joining your data, you'll be able to improve your content management and gain superior business intelligence.

Use our platform to:

  • Search, analyse, shape and visualise your data in a way that suits you and your business
  • Work efficiently across different systems, data stores and file types
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with tasks related to data science and analytics
  • Share information more easily both within and outside your organisation
  • Create new value from data that was previously hidden or unusable

Our Dynamic Data Discovery platform incorporates a range of tools which can be used to build bespoke solutions and interfaces that meet your business needs.

Data Foundry
Reads electronic documents such as spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF, CSV and html and represents these in a machine-readable way, creating your Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge Board
Allows you to explore the relationships between the People, Places, Organisations and Concepts discovered within your Knowledge Graph.

Data Fusion
Rapidly builds data queries and visualisations.

They all include functions and features which support Digital Transformation projects. Using our tools, data can be productised via our API by an organisation's digital teams. Wallscope can also assist with the design, development, delivery and support of products on a contract or partner basis.

Get in touch for an exploratory chat and we’ll provide an initial assessment of your challenge and the best way forward.