Data Foundry

Data Foundry is a software application that reads electronic documents, such as Word, PDF, CSV, XLS, and streaming data sources. It represents this knowledge in a machine-readable way, creating an Enterprise Knowledge Graph. This enables cognitive data discovery across organisations.

Once in place the Data Foundry can be used with our front-end data exploration tool, the Knowledge Board.


All organisations have an underlying wealth of information and knowledge, but using this efficiently and effectively is not always easy. Some forms of data are harder than others to access and process, so often this valuable information is left untapped. The ever-increasing volume of data, in multiple locations and formats, adds to this complex landscape.

Data Foundry allows you to process and navigate this mess of disconnected data. It reads files from across your organisation and links them to related documents. As the connections between your data sources are revealed, you build the foundation for a Linked Data ecosystem within your organisation.

An obvious use case for Data Foundry is to link legacy or siloed data, though connecting to live data streams is also possible. A combination of the two helps to create a truly dynamic data resource.

Because contextually-related content can be easily discovered and linked, you’ll be able to increase employee productivity and save both content creators, analysts and end users a significant amount of time. 

Once the Data Foundry platform is in place your business efficiency will be increased by the improvements in workflow, and you’ll be able to collaborate more easily with other organisations and service users.

Data Foundry
Data Foundry

Functions and Features

  • Data mining
  • Dynamic data streams from diverse sources (Sharepoint, Exchange Server etc)
  • Digital document indexing (PDF, Word, XSL, CSV etc)
  • Entity extraction
  • Smart metadata generator (Triples)
  • Automatic relationship builder (Linked Data, RDF)
  • On-premise or cloud delivery