News round-up: January 2018

Meeting the CivTech Challenge

We've been busy taking part in the fantastic CivTech® technology accelerator for the second year running – and Demo Day finally arrived on 10 January. CivTech® gives start-ups and small businesses the chance to take a problem identified by a public sector organisation and solve it, at the same time as developing and growing their business and skills. 

Last year we worked with NHS Scotland to make their data publications more accessible and appealing (see below for an update on our work here!). This year our focus was on the search and discovery of information, helping to provide better access to public services through the Scottish Government website

Since being selected for the Accelerator phase in August 2017, we’ve been developing and testing our solution, attending workshops and getting everything ready for the pitch on Demo Day. Get the full story here!

Supporting innovation in the NHSISD logo

We’ve continued to work with the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS National Services Scotland following our time with them on the CivTech pilot, developing dashboards that join data on prescriptions, drugs and the NHS workforce.

We’re now gearing up to use our technology within ISD for other projects, and are embedding our services within their internal network. We’ve also got an exciting new project in the pipeline which we can’t discuss just yet…


New R&D collaborationThe Data Lab logo

Work is just starting on a collaborative R&D project with Wallscope and Edinburgh University Business School, funded by The Data Lab.

This will involve using the Business School’s statistical models to enhance the platform we built for Edinburgh University Business School logoISD. Potential uses for this include cost benefit analysis, influencing policy and analysing the effectiveness of particular antibiotics across timeframes and locations. We are looking forward to getting our teeth into this one!


MBA team study Wallscope for marketing project

MBA project team

We were very pleased when a team of MBA students from the University of Edinburgh Business School chose to study Wallscope for their strategic marketing project. This involved analysis of our value proposition and marketing strategy, and preparing recommendations for a report that forms part of their coursework. The team spoke to some of our partners to explore the issues and challenges they face around data and making the most of their information assets. Many thanks to Reese Parrett, Anna Bever, Hussaini Musa Shehu, Jiayi Bi and Chandini Kalidandi for all their work on this.

The team said: ‘Working with Wallscope was a unique opportunity for a group of MBA students to explore a business they are not familiar with, and apply our classroom learning to real world situations.  The experience working with Wallscope’s team was valuable, they provided unique perspectives on real world challenges and how data can be leveraged to create value and find solutions.’



Our work with the Scottish Government's technology accelerator, CivTech.

Wallscope's work with The Data Lab, whose mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from big data. 

Wallscope's work with the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland.

Wallscope's work in partnership with Edinburgh University Business School.

Case studies about our work with clients and blogs from the Wallscope team.

Synthetic Data is information that's artificially manufactured rather than generated by real-world events. It can be used to overcome gaps in knowledge while avoiding any breaches of consumer trust.

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