Products and Services

Wallscope’s Dynamic Data Discovery platform improves distributed knowledge and content management across the internal and external boundaries of organisations.

It allows users to quickly build data and computational models that illustrate the dynamic relationships between siloed information.

Use our platform to:

  • Search, analyse, shape and visualise your data in a way that suits you and your business.
  • Reduce the time taken on tasks associated with data science and analytics
  • Improve the quality of your data and bring an agile and flexible approach to data-driven projects
  • Strengthen collaborative working and the dynamic sharing of information

How does it work?

Our platform provides the critical cognitive middleware which does the heavy lifting by converting data into realisable knowledge.

It combines and contextualises unstructured data from Excel, Word, PDFs, emails and web pages to generate value from both new and historical data.

From cognitive search to dashboard reporting, Enterprise-level collaboration and knowledge representation, Wallscope provides a Linked Data ecosystem for large scale organisations, SMEs and innovative start-ups.

The service comes with a standards-based API which can be used to build multiple queries, creating many opportunities to improve the flow and consumption of data across diverse data stores.

We offer a range of tools which act as 'wrappers' to the core Dynamic Data Discovery platform:

  • Data Foundry
  • Knowledge Board
  • Data Fusion

They include functions and features which support Digital Transformation projects and improve Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence.

Using our tools, data can be productised via the API by an organisation's digital teams. Wallscope can also assist with the design, development, delivery and support of products on a contract or partner basis.

Get in touch for an exploratory chat and we’ll provide an initial assessment of your challenge and the best way forward.