Community and Education

We have a range of learning and explanation materials as well as practical demonstrations and content based examples. 

  • Currently we are developing a user layer for search, discovery and reporting from our RDF store via an API. This has been used to demonstrate the power of contextually rich search and discovery to aid research and learning.
  • We have created and presented several instructive talks which introduce Linked Data Principles, Semantic Web Techniques and key insights in the value of Triples and RDF stores - for example in this research seminar at Edinburgh University Design Informatics Department
  • In 2017 we delivered an international Data Science Skills Development Symposium with the EU-funded EDISON project (read the full report here)
  • We created an instructional video on Linked RDF
  • Additionally we ran a workshop on visualising linked data for Edinburgh-based students alongside students from Amsterdam Technical University (see Sprinting Ahead: The Future of Data Science).

For several years we have worked with student interns from Napier and Heriot-Watt Universities, and we are currently working with the University of Edinburgh Business School. We provide practical educational experiences and exposure to emergent techniques within Linked Data principles and Semantic Web techniques. Find out more about our Research and Development work here.

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