Data Analysis and Visualisation

Increasingly our work requires the use of data from many different sources, stored in a multitude of locations. 

Our team can help you make sense of and present this disparate data through real-time interpretive analytics and visualisations. 

Your linked data will be presented in a dashboard, website or app that’s tailored to the needs of your organisation. We build versatile, easy to use tools that bring new insights and help get your message across more clearly – while saving you both time and money. And you can easily share these tools and reports both within and outside your organisation.

Have a look at our work with the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland for an example of a dashboard that pulls together information from multiple sources in an accessible and user-friendly way.

If you want to realise the value of your organisation’s data then get in touch and we’ll show you how we can provide a powerful new platform for your business analytics.


Data Analysis and Visualization