Data Fusion

Data Fusion provides an intuitive interface for rapidly building complex data queries and visualisations within a point and click environment. This allows data analysts and scientists to quickly retrieve and join tabular data from across an organisation’s ecosystem. 

This flexible approach increases productivity and avoids a reliance on pre-defined and fixed data structures.

Data Fusion comes with a library of charting and display tools. These allow efficient creation of data visualisations for dashboards and other uses.


Data Fusion is designed primarily as a replacement for existing BI and data visualisation tools. It is supplied as an add-on to Wallscope's Dynamic Data Discovery platform to improve the workflow from data discovery, through to exploration and visualisation.

Data Fusion

Functions and features

  • Smart query builder for data analysts 
  • Data picker
  • Amalgamation of data (also through mathematical equations)
  • Dynamic chart generation