Knowledge Board

The Knowledge Board is a data exploration tool. It reads texts and recognises entities within them – such as People, Places, Organisations and Concepts. The application then discovers links to related documents and resources.

Using the Knowledge Board’s rich visual interface, the user can learn more about each entity and how it links to others. The information discovered within the text can be filtered, sorted and explored in a variety of views such as a knowledge graph, timeline, map or list.


The Knowledge Board can be used to collate and explore information and dynamically link content to contextually-related data sources. The system guides users in finding relationships between data points that they may not have been aware of previously.

The Knowledge Board has a visual interface which automatically builds and displays the linked information with little manual intervention.

It is a versatile tool with applications in a wide range of use cases and industries. It can be used as both a research tool and fact checker; for example to perform due diligence checks around a business or individual, to assist GDPR enquiries, to discover documents or to explore information within an educational environment.

Knowledge Board

Knowledge Board

Functions and Features

  • Cognitive search
  • Relationship mapping between entities (people, places, organisations, concepts)
  • RESTful API
  • Complex data visualisation
  • Extensive filtering capacity
  • Reading age grading
  • Metadata generation
  • Text annotation
  • Visual interface for an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  • Uniform interface with a focus on ease of use and usability