Search and Discovery

There’s valuable information everywhere, but how do you get to the bit that you need? All companies have collections of information in a multitude of locations, in which files can easily get lost. It’s easy to be overwhelmed or spend hours looking for the right piece of information, only to be left empty-handed.

At Wallscope we handle the stress of being lost in the data maze. We can quickly integrate our Dynamic Data Discovery platform with your existing set-up, extending the capabilities of a variety of Content and Document Management Systems. Once in place, our platform will uncover contextually relevant information from any number of sources. Not only will you find what you need faster – you’ll find information you didn’t expect, or didn’t even know existed.

How it works

  • Using our platform the system reads unstructured documents such as Excel, Word, PDFs, web pages, existing databases and more
  • Our technology recognises entities within these texts and links them to contextually relevant information and documents. An entity could be any object, person, place or concept related to your business
  • The content is then enhanced and becomes universally available across the system, giving everyone in your organisation quick and easy access to the information they need

Building your information ecosystem

To create this dynamic working environment, we provide tools which allow you to annotate and auto-tag content within a website and document stores. As you do this you create a linked data ecosystem – similar to an indexed library of information –which is directly related to your organisation’s needs and goals.

Contextually-related content can then be easily discovered and linked, increasing employee productivity and saving both content creators and end users a significant amount of time. We can use your existing content tagging vocabularies, as well as developing customised ones which help with the expansion, explanation and presentation of content. 

Once our platform is in place it opens the doors for a whole range of intelligent applications, such as interactive platforms or chatbots. Your business efficiency will be increased by the improvements in workflow, and you’ll be able to collaborate more easily with other organisations and service users.

Have a look at our work with CivTech and to see how we've applied these technologies to provide better access to public services.

Search and Discovery