Semantic Web

Semantic Web Technology, as the phrase itself suggests, uses formal semantics to give meaning to all the disparate and raw data that surrounds us. The technology builds relationships between data in various formats and sources, from one string to another, helping build context and creating links out of those relationships.

Wallscope’s software stack uses the power of these semantic technologies and linked data principles to intelligently search and link an organisation’s data and quickly convert it into useful, realisable information resources. 

We do this using Natural Language Processing, which involves the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language and speech, and Named Entity Recognition, which locates named entities in pre-defined categories such as people, places or organisations. These techniques can be used to build custom ontologies for your organisation, which describe concepts and relationships across a particular domain of knowledge.

When this is coupled with an intelligent search function we are able to link and contextually enhance any number of data sources in real time and with little effort.

semantic web