Student blog: Harry Addlesee

At Wallscope we’re committed to recruiting and developing new talent and so we were very happy to welcome Harry Addlesee last week on a work experience placement.

Harry is studying for his Advanced Highers including maths and astronomy, so we put him to work on some code-gazing (sorry) and software testing… have a read of his blog about his experience at Wallscope to see what he has to say!

"I’m interested in understanding more about machine learning which mainly focuses on maths and coding. I know that I would like maths to be involved in what I study at university, and now from my work experience at Wallscope, I have an insight on the coding aspect of the course.

This week I’ve been testing the company software and checking it for errors and improvements that could be made. I tested the Data Foundry, Knowledge Board, Data Fusion and the website for bugs to help the Wallscope team resolve these problems to ensure their software is more user friendly and works as intended. 

My favourite part has been setting up the Data Foundry as I had to get acquainted with using basic and a slightly more complex code to get it running. I feel this will help me pick up and learn further coding languages in the future. The most difficult part of this week was probably leaning to use Command Line. I had never used it before and was unfamiliar with all of the commands – but I enjoyed the challenge and was happy when I was able to successfully get the Data Foundry running using Command line. I also began learning to code in Python and now I am interested to know how it can be applied to create software such as that which I have been testing. 

This week has definitely helped me narrow my options for university courses and has made me realise that I would like to focus more on coding than I was wanting to before having my work experience.

If you’re a student thinking about doing work experience in a similar area, I would say this is a great opportunity to learn code, to experience work life first hand and gain many new skills. It will also help you decide whether this is the right field of work for you. I’d highly recommend it!”


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