At Wallscope we unlock the valuable narratives and insights within your organisation’s data and quickly convert them into realisable information.

Information access has become a huge challenge for organisations, and the amount of data that has to be navigated daily is increasing dramatically. On average workers spend nearly 36% of their time looking for and consolidating information, and most of the time only find 56% of the information they need (source: ICD Research). Our Dynamic Data Discovery platform lets you work more efficiently by quickly and easily surfacing related information.

Using semantic web techniques which mimic the way the human brain works, our technology reads documents (Excel and Word documents, chunks of text, pdfs, web pages and more), recognises entities (people, places, organisations, concepts or anything you want it to recognise), and links these entities to other resources (web pages, document stores etc).

Once data from multiple sources has been linked, we can report on and share information around a vocabulary of contextually-related terms.

Published data is better presented and end-user experience massively improved with enhanced search, discovery and exploration of an organisation's knowledge assets. With the addition of auto-tagging and annotation, this allows the integration of powerful search and content expansion across an improved publishing workflow.

You can harness the power of our platform to improve search and discovery across websites, create real-time data visualisations, and integrate new data with information that was previously hidden or unusable.


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