verinote logoFor many years Verinote Limited has provided design and build solutions for web based communications.
As of the 1st November 2017 all of Verinote's business has been transferred to Wallscope Limited.

Wallscope's focus is on providing solutions and services for data driven organisations.

Existing Verinote client services will continue and will be delivered by Wallscope. These will be invoiced by Wallscope directly.

We appreciate that the focus of Wallscope may not fully reflect all of Verinote's client needs. If that is the case please use the contact form on this page and we will ensure that your services can be transferred to another service provider. (This is most likely to be the case if a customer uses email services based on our server as Wallscope will not provide ad hoc PC support for email client applications at a device level.)

You do not need to take any action, other than to ensure that future invoices are acknowledged and settled through payment to Wallscope Limited by the appropriate date. (The details will be provided on invoices as they are generated.)

If you wish to contact Wallscope about the services you currently have, please use the form on this page.



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